29 July 2021

‘Zity by Mobilize’ diversifies its range of car-sharing vehicles with Dacia Spring

  • Zity by Mobilize is the first car-sharing service to integrate Dacia Spring into its 500-strong fleet.  
  • 150 Dacia Spring have joined the Renault ZOE already on offer, with a further 250 Dacia Spring set to join the ranks by September 2021. 

Zity by Mobilize, the all-electric, station-free*, car-sharing service launched in May 2020 in Paris, now incorporates Dacia Spring into its fleet to better respond to the mobility needs of users in the Greater Paris area.  

150 Renault ZOE have been switched for Dacia Spring, with the ultimate goal of having a 50/50 split between the two models by September 2021. 

"Compact, agile, robust, all-electric -– Dacia Spring is the perfect vehicle for car-sharing. Thanks to Zity by Mobilize, we are excited to give our customers a wide range of vehicles. Freedom lies in the power of choice, and that is precisely what we offer with a fleet comprising two vehicles that suit various desires and needs in terms of mobility and are also environmentally friendly!“ says Vincent Carré, Director of Mobilize Car-Sharing Operations.  


A compact, connected, all-electric vehicle suited to car-sharing 

All-electric, compact (3.73m), and robust, Dacia Spring is perfectly suited to urban and peri-urban car-sharing services with its 4 seats, 290 litre boot, and a range of 230 km WLTP** (305 km WLTP city).  

Environmentally friendly, Dacia Spring comes fitted with an all-electric motor that is silent and vibration-free. It also features permanent regenerative braking that recovers energy every time you lift your foot off the accelerator.  

Moreover, when paired with services like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, users of the Zity by Mobilize service can access their favourite navigation and music apps while driving their Dacia Spring. Driving comfort is enhanced thanks to equipment such as the reversing camera, on-board navigation system, power controls, and brightness sensors. 

Dacia Spring are available at the same price as Renault ZOE, starting at €0.19/min in drive mode and €0.11/min in Stand-By mode. Flat rate packages for 24h (€69), 48h (€99), and 72h (€129) automatically kick in, meaning users of the Zity by Mobilize service get the best rate possible. 



* Cars can be parked on the roadside free of charge anywhere within the service coverage area in Paris, Clichy, and Boulogne-Billancourt. 

** WLTP is an EU vehicle certification protocol 

A joint venture between Renault Group and Ferrovial, the Zity by Mobilize car-sharing service has been available in Madrid since 2018, and in Paris and the Greater-Paris area since 2020. Zity by Mobilize represents 1,250 electric vehicles (750 in Madrid and 500 in Paris) and more than 430,000 customers.  

Mobilize manages mobility, energy, and data services. It is part of Renault Group. Built around open ecosystems, Mobilize provides flexible mobility solutions and promotes a sustainable energy transition, in line with Renault Group’s target to reach carbon neutrality and its ambition to develop value from the circular economy. 

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