16 June 2021

Mobilize rolls out Mobilize Power Solutions in 11 countries across Europe

  • Mobilize Power Solutions aims to facilitate all charging infrastructure projects for electric and plug-in hybrid fleets. 
  • From designing to operating charging station networks, Mobilize Power Solutions offers tailor-made, turnkey solutions that cover all professional needs. 
  • Mobilize Power Solutions best serves its clients by being an active partner in not only optimising fleet TCO but also helping to grow business. 
  • Mobilize Power Solutions is now operational in 11 countries across Europe. 

With the launch of Mobilize Power Solutions in the UK, Belgium, and Luxembourg, Mobilize now offers commercial vehicle charging solutions in 11 countries across Europe. Mobilize Power Solutions provides companies with a simpler and optimized solution for EV and PHEV fleet charging infrastructure.  

After vehicle cost and drive range, Mobilize Power Solutions now removes yet another barrier faced by EV fleets: charging. By assisting companies with their charge needs, Mobilize Power Solutions helps accelerate the EV transition of corporate fleets while improving overall access to the EV market, explains Nicolas Schottey, CEO of Mobilize Power Solutions.

Simplify and accelerate corporate fleet recharge projects  

Mobilize Power Solutions helps companies kick off or ramp up their EV fleet projects by providing turnkey charging solutions. From initial studies through to charging station design, installation, and operation, Mobilize Power Solutions is involved in every step of the EV infrastructure process, and incorporates strategies to optimize energy and link in renewable energy solutions.  

With a deep understanding of clients’ needs and the ability to give them the bare-minimum solutions that suitably serve their overall strategy, Mobilize Power Solutions is a true business partner with a dual purpose: optimize the total cost of ownership (TCO) of its customers' fleets and foster future business growth.  

Mobilize Power Solutions is part of a holistic approach to design tailor-made solutions that meet its customers current and future needs and objectives (vehicle use, use frequency, financial objectives, environmental policy, etc.). For each project, regardless of its size and complexity, Mobilize Power Solutions looks at all existing technologies on the market to give its customers the best possible solution. Lastly, for a seamless customer experience, Mobilize Power Solutions acts as sole point of contact throughout the entirety of the project. 

Solutions for all commercial partners 

The solutions proposed by Mobilize Power Solutions are compatible with any model or brand of electric vehicle (two-wheels, light-duty, utilities, transport trucks, specialised vehicles…).  Its wide range of flexible solutions means it can operate both EV and PHEV fleets for all sorts of companies ranging from SMEs through to large-scale corporations. Mobilize Power Solutions also works with real-estate developers, car parks, shopping centres, and local authorities, who seek to provide charging services to customers or the general public. Lastly, Mobilize Power Solutions can operate as a white-label provider for clients who wish to promote their own brand. 

Unique expertise pairings 

Mobilize Power Solutions is a part of Mobilize, which brings together all Renault Group mobility services and energy solution businesses. Built around open ecosystems, Mobilize provides flexible mobility solutions and promotes a transition towards sustainable energy solutions. 

Mobilize Power Solutions is being rolled out by Elto – electric together – a 100% Renault subsidiary. Elto aims to be as close to its customers as possible; as such, it has established local partnerships with leading names in charging infrastructure (Solstyce in France; Enersol in Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands).  

Thanks to the partnerships between Mobilize and local actors, Mobilize Power Solutions has a unique body of expertise. The expertise our partners have in charging infrastructure is a fine match for the automotive manufacturer’s experience in E-mobility and in-depth knowledge of how commercial partners use their vehicles, remarks Olivier Jean, COO of Mobilize Power Solutions.

Mobilize Power Solutions is currently located in 11 key EV markets across Europe: Spain, Portugal, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, and Luxembourg. 

Mobilize manages mobility, energy, and data services. It is part of Renault Group. Built around open ecosystems, Mobilize provides flexible mobility solutions and promotes a transition towards sustainable energy solutions, as outlined in Renault Group's goal of achieving carbon neutrality and fostering growth within the circular economy. 

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